Powerhouse. Heroes. Worldchangers. These are some of the words being used to describe you, the Millennial generation. You have an instinctive urge to renew, re-imagine, and reshape everything you can get your hands on. The institution of the church, however, is another story. Organized religion is experiencing a dropout phenomenon among an entire generation of people in their 20s and 30s. Increasingly disillusioned, you are leaving the church…in droves.

But what if this disillusionment is no accident? As we look at the bigger picture, we see that you just happen to being coming of age during the dawning of a new church era. Every 500 years the church reforms, and we are at that time in history. Could it be that God has prepared you to catalyze the next reformation? Could it be that you are actually the revolutionaries of our age?

What Millennials are saying...

"This book is fantastic and encouraging. Not only for Millennials but also for their parents. It really helped shed light on why so many of us (Millennials) are dissatisfied with church as it is, and gives purpose to our search for more.It also gave me help on having an authentic, personal relationship with God rather than some remote idea of Him."

- Elisabeth Jordan, founder of The Human Impact, Dallas

"I really enjoyed your book! I found it insightful, encouraging, and life-giving. I'm thankful I came upon it!...I'd highly recommend for any millennial searching for answers when it comes to church."

-Haddon Anderson, Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, Chicago

"I've been reading your book and holy cow can't wait to meet you!!!"

 - Ally Greene, TCU Ignite, Fort Worth

...and non-Millennials...

Sara Blakeney does a masterful job of connecting the dots of God’s re- forming work in the church throughout its history. I think she is spot on in her observation that the Millennial generation have been created by God as the next wave of church reformers.”
- REGGIE MCNEAL, author, Missional Communities: The Rise of the Post-Congregational Church; Missional Leadership Specialist, Leadership Network ​

"Drawing upon the rich resources of Christian history, Sara Blakeney has issued a stirring challenge to the Millennial generation to fulfill their God-given potential as true reformers of the church and as spiritual leaders of society. Since major religious transformations have tended to come each 500 years, as she argues in her beautifully-written essay, she suggests that we may well be on the cusp of another paradigm shift within the global Christian community. However, rather than focusing on a critique of the Millennial generation—as some have chosen to do—she identifies what she believes to be the significant strengths of a remarkable new generation and she calls them to ‘rise up’ and to take their ‘place in history so that ‘the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’ It is a breathtaking vision and one that deserves to be heard.”
- GARTH M. ROSELL, Ph.D., Professor of Church History, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Every theological conviction I know still grapples with the essential def- inition of the local Church. That goal will likely never be accomplished. So when a thoughtful perspective on the Church comes across my desk, I must consider it. For it is the only entity that our Lord Christ has per- sonally promised to build across nations and generations, shows mirac- ulous resilience despite massive pressure, whether physical, cultural, political, intellectual, economic or social. I wish for Christian leaders to consider Sara Blakeney’s perceptive angle of what the Founder and the Finisher of our Faith is saying to His Bride and doing with this grandest of all human programs across history and geography. They just might be left missionally hopeful even as we viscerally experience the appar- ent decline of the Church as previously known, especially in the West.”
RAMESH RICHARD, Ph.D, Th.D., President, Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health [RREACH]; Professor, Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary; Founder, Trainers of Pastors International Coalition [TOPIC]

In 2008 Phyllis Tickle gave us the Great Emergence, in which she pre- sented the theory that the church goes through a massive transition every 500 years. A change, each time, so complete that it affects every part of the church. How we look at hierarchy, authority, social structure, cultural interaction, theology. It all transforms the church into a new entity. In Sara Blakeney’s new book we find a welcome continuation to the conversation. Sara intelligently adds flesh to the bones of Tickle’s thesis in order to buoy our understanding of these changes. Sara then gives the reader gentle encouragement, helping us embrace this new- est reformation in our minds and hearts.”

- RICK LEWIS, Logos Bookstore, Dallas



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About the Author



Sara has a passion for writing and speaking about spiritual renewal and intimacy with God. She holds an MA from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a BS from The University of Texas at Austin. She has over 20 years of ministry experience, most of it to the Millennial generation, including teaching, counseling, preaching, and missions. Sara and her husband live in Ft. Worth, Texas.